Add an original image to a "Write Article" page

MentorMob relies on images in articles to be images that already exist on the web. If you want to add your own original image to an instructions or examples page you have created, you need to first put it on the web someplace else. This wiki can help. You can upload your image to this wiki, copy the web address of the image, and paste it into your MentorMob text page.

NOTE: Make sure the image is original or you have found it from a good, reliable copyright free source such as Creative Commons, share alike. Need more info? Please email me.

  1. You will need to be logged in to the wiki to complete this step.
  2. Select Edit to edit this page
  3. Select File in the menubar that appears in the edit mode.
  4. Browse to find and upload your file.
  5. When a small icon appears, click to insert it on this page.
  6. Save the page.
  7. Right click on the image your just uploaded.
  8. Chose Copy Image URL
  9. Return to the page in the playlist.
  10. Add the image to the page and use the URL that you just copied.


Use This Workspace:

Here are some images that have been uploaded to this wiki for use as an image on a blank page, Write Article" in MentorMob. Right click on the image to copy the image location and paste it into the image box in MentorMob



Screen Shot 2013-11-11 at 11.42.22 AM.png